My role: Art Direction, UX & UI Design



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Estúdio 360

Let's talk about craft. My role: Designer (Art Direction, Motion&Composition, Color Correction) , Film Director Assistant, Executive Producer.


Estúdio 360

Let's talk about 12 major Brazilian artists.   My role: Film Director Assistant, Designer.

12 big artist, a 360 look over their careers.

Estúdio 360 was a great opportunity to work in a different environment. Beeing able to spend a full week on studios is a delightful experience.

During this week, 12 episodes of a show about Brazilian major artists were recorded.

Besides the studio week, I’ve also being involved in some design aspects of the project, such as posters.

Tv Show:

Director: Decio Matos Jr
Director of Photography : Alexandre Samori
Executive Producer: Enrico Saraiva
Prodcer: Marçal Souza, Karina Rocha
Director Assistant: Vivian Acatauassu, Rafael Monzillo
Editing: The end
Color Grading: The End
Motion: Danilo HAW Silveira


Creative Director: Telias, Danilo HAW Silveira
Motion Design: Danilo HAW Silveira
Art Direction: Danilo HAW Silveira, Rafael Monzillo