My role: Art Direction, UX & UI Design



HP Print for Help

Delica Digital


Estúdio 360

Let's talk about craft. My role: Designer (Art Direction, Motion&Composition, Color Correction) , Film Director Assistant, Executive Producer.


HP Print for Help

Let's talk about finding someone. My role: Film Director Assistant, Designer, Production Assistant, Motion Designer.

Your printer can help.


What if you could be able to help finding someone missing? Created by FCB Brazil, in partnership with Delica Digital, Hp Print for Help uses your printer as a missing sign generator, trough a simple register.

The Case.

The Film.

The Site.


Due to development time restrictions, this layout was not developed.

The EcoEfficient Poster.


The poster was redesign together with FCB to be an EcoEfficient poster, using less than 30% of the ink used in past posters.

Delica Digital:

Director: The Aubergines feat Decio Matos Jr
Creative Direction: André Debevc & Telias
Executive Producer: Ricardo Xocolate, M.M. Izidoro, Guilherme Pinheiro
Production Director: André Soler & Felipe Miranda
Production Assistant: Rafael Monzillo Camila Nascimento
DOP: Azul Serra
1st Assistant Camera: Lucas Satti
DOP Second Unit: André Soler
Sound Technician: Kiko Tchilian
Gaffer: Shoyama
Researcher: Thiago Laccoca
Editing: Thomas Bastos
Color Grading: Thomas Bastos
UX: Edgar Akiyama
System: Santa I/O
Art Director: Rafael Monzillo
Motion: Rafael Monzillo

FCB Brasil:

VP Creative Director: Joanna Monteiro, Max Geraldo
Digital Creative Director: Pedro Gravena
Creative Technologist: Marcio Bueno
Art Director: Tiago Freitas & Bruno Bueno
Copywriter: Vinicius Dalvi
Group Account Director: Alec Cocchiaro
Media VP: Alexandre Ugadin
Account Director: Diogo Braga
New Business & Account VP: Mauro Silveira
Planning Supervisor: Bruno Cantarim
Planning Manager: Cesar Fuster
Brand RTVC Director: Charles Nobili
Director of Media: Cristina Omura
Project Co-ordinator: Felipe Brentan
IT VP Director: Gerson Lupatini
Account Supervisor: Henrique Silva
Planning VP Director: Raphael Barreto
Motion Designer: Rodrigo Resende



Direct Impact in over 1MM HP costumers that owned ePrint devices

The Platform was responsible for a 43% increase in visits to ePrint devices on HP Online Store

234% increase on ePrint registration on HP Print Center



Cannes Lions
Gold Lion / Cyber
Silver Lion/Promo
Bronze Lion/Promo

London International Awards
Gold / Digital Innovative Use of Digital
Silver / Digital Corporate Image

Clio Awards
Silver / Cyber
Bronze / Cyber

El Ojo
Ojo de Oro / Interactive
Ojo de Plata / Directo
Ojo de Plata / Interactive
Ojo de Plata / Interactive
Ojo de Bronce / Directo

Wave Festival
Bronze / Direct
ShortList / Cyber